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Why Choose

Safety Step

Safety Step has been in business since 2005. Our slip proofing treatment has been used in hotel chains, fitness centers, cities/municipalities, government agencies, healthcare associations, nursing homes, car dealerships, restaurants, YMCA's, school districts, professional sports teams, as well as several other types of businesses, and various homeowners. We are non-slip flooring experts in Ohio!

What is Safety Step ?

Safety Step is a non-slip floor treatment that greatly reduces the risk and danger of slips/falls and the resulting potential for serious injury, lawsuits, workers comp claims, penalties/fines from the ADA/OSHA, as well as litigation costs. For use on ceramic tile, porcelain, terrazzo, quarry, brick/stone, concrete, and other hard surfaces that are slippery when wet.

How Does Safety Step Work ?

Safety Step is NOT a coating or sealant, but a chemical process that creates an invisible microscopic tread pattern on the tile surface itself, without losing the look or feel of your flooring. With Safety Step, there is NO visible change in appearance, and it will not crack, peel, or discolor with age. All applications are custom formulated for your particular tile, professionally applied, and include an unparalleled 2-year warranty.

Do You Need Safety Step ?

The Americans with Disability Act provides that all businesses must maintain their floors in a slip resistant condition. Failure to comply can result in huge fines, higher insurance rates and workers comp costs, and wide open exposure to civil litigation. Plus, businesses may be eligible for tax credits/deductions and lower insurance rates when Safety Step is applied. We recommend that you consult with your attorney, tax professional, and insurance agent in regards to this.

How Can I Benefit From Safety Step ?

According to the National Safety Council, there are over 9 million slip and fall injuries every year. Nursing homes, restaurants, hotels/motels, fitness centers, restaurants, schools, spas, country clubs, office buildings, cities/municipalities, banks, public buildings, etc. are just some of the facilities that need to have Safety Step applied. Remember, being proactive is essential!

Can Your Business Afford a Lawsuit?

Safety Step can help to ensure the safety of your members, clients, customers, students, business invitees, visitors, and employees. Avoid litigation and fines, attorney fees, protect your business from negligence claims, lower liability insurance premiums, qualify for a tax credit, and ensure compliance.

We Are NON-SLIP Flooring Experts!

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