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Anti-Slip Floor, Tub, and Shower Treatment Services in Ohio 

(and beyond)

Safety Step should be applied to any slippery when wet areas such as:

· Pool Decks
· Showers & Locker Rooms
· Restrooms
· Kitchens
· Lobbies & Entranceways
· Loading Docks
· Walkways
· Bathtubs
· Common Areas
The list goes on and on!

Durable NON-SLIP Flooring Treatments

We Offer Slippery When Wet Tile Solutions

Some Facilities We Serve Include:


Gyms & Fitness Centers




Country Clubs


Office Buildings

Retail Stores

Rental Properties

Municipal Buildings

Commercial Facilities

Beauty Salons

Private Residences

Treating Slippery Surfaces with Safety Step

Safety Step can be safely applied and re-applied without jeopardizing the structural composition of the material on which it is applied. If a surface has a very high gloss finish, treating it with Safety Step "may" slightly dull it's appearance. Unfortunately, shiny surfaces are generally not safe surfaces, as traction is reduced in proportion to how shiny a surface appears. However, the very vast majority of tile, when treated, will not have a change in appearance that can be detected by the naked eye. Plus, we control the strength of treatment by custom formulating the product for your particular tile.


Safety Step is NOT a coating or sealant! Safety Step creates an invisible microscopic tread pattern that cannot crack, peel, or discolor with age. There is NO drying or curing time required...the treated surface can be used in the normal manner IMMEDIATELY following application, which means no down time for your facility.

Bathtub Non-Slip Floor Treatments Using Safety Step 

Wet surfaces by their very nature are high-risk areas for injuries. Bath and shower surfaces are particularly vulnerable. Treating a bathtub with Safety Step has extremely effective results. In fact, most bathtubs look brand new after being treated with Safety Step. If the tub has a dirty or dingy appearance, there is no need to resurface it. This expensive and time-consuming method can be avoided in most cases by a simple and economical application of our product. Safety Step restores the clean and smooth finish within minutes. Safety Step also treats the ENTIRE bottom of the tub, unlike unhygienic bath mats or strips which leaves patches/areas of the surface exposed...not to mention that they breed mold, mildew, and bacteria...gross! And remember, the tub can be used IMMEDIATELY after treatment which generally takes about 10-15 minutes per tub. Contact us to learn more about bathtub non-slip floor treatments using Safety Step.

Warranty & Longevity of Our Anti-Slip Flooring Solutions 

We offer durable non-slip floor treatments. Unlike many other chemical treatments that work topically, and eventually crack, peel, or rub off, Safety Step will not crack, peel, or discolor with age. We stand behind our product and services and provide a 2 year warranty on all applications. You can feel confident in our warranty and the longevity of Safe Step's anti-slip flooring solutions.

What is the Application Process for Non-Slip Tile Treatment? 

We keep the application process for non-slip tile treatment as simple as possible for our clients. Upon determining the proper mix ratio (strength of treatment) for your particular tile, the product is mixed with water and put into large garden sprayers. In sections, the solution is sprayed onto the floor surface, agitated with deck brushes, and left to sit on the surface for a predetermined amount of time...usually anywhere from 5-30 minutes. The solution is then neutralized which stops the slip proofing process. It is either neutralized with a neutralizing chemical, mopped, or hosed with water (depending). Finally, the area is wet vac'd and ready for normal use. There are NO chemicals left behind on the floor surface, and you are left with a slip proof surface!

Safety Step can help you to prevent accidental slip and fall accidents.

Commercial & Residential

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