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Non-Slip Floor Treatment FAQ

Learn more about our non-slip floor treatment FAQ and how we can help make your property safe from slip & falls.

  • Will my facility or business be interrupted?
    Absolutely not! We work around your schedule at a convenient time for you...before you open or after you close. Many times, it's feasible to perform the application during normal business hours, depending on the circumstances. And remember, the treated surface can be walked on, get wet, and used immediately.
  • What do you charge?
    Safety Step will be happy to provide you with a free, and no obligation test area, as well as a custom quote. There are many variables that go into quoting your project, such as type of tile, strength of treatment required, square footage, location, logistics, etc. Safety Step has proven to be extremely cost effective, and pennies on the dollar compared to just one single slip and fall claim.
  • Will Safety Step reduce my insurance costs?
    Possibly, yes. Because Safety Step reduces/eliminates slip and falls, common knowledge would indicate that you won't be putting in workers comp or liability claims. However, we recommend that you consult with your insurance agent.
  • Do we need to change our cleaning practices?
    Generally, no! As long as you are using basic common sense cleaning practices, you will find that Safety Step is very easy to maintain. Safety Step creates an invisible microscopic tread pattern, so the cleaner that you keep the floor, the better. Safety Step does offer a recommended aftercare cleaning product to be used periodically.
  • Does Safety Step have any competition?
    In business since 2005, Safety Step lives by our motto of "if you worry about your customer, you don't have to worry about your competition".
  • Why not use a do-it-yourself treatment?
    There are many D.I.Y. treatments available over the internet. Besides from being cheap and ineffective, there are several reasons why these are not your best option. 1) They come pre-mixed and ready to use. The problem with that is that there are a countless umber of different tiles on the market (color, strength, durability, quality,etc). Common sense would dictate that there isn't a one size fits all remedy. At Safety Step, we custom mix our solution for your particular tile, as every tile requires a different strength of treatment, mix ratio, application time, etc. 2) D.I.Y. treatments tend to discolor the tile. 3) D.I.Y. treatments are NOT professionally applied by a trained technician. 4) The results are short lived with a lack of warranty. 5) Most importantly...they simply do not work! At Safety Step, we have ordered and tested virtually all of the products on the market, and we can say with confidence, that we offer the most superior product available for your slippery when wet needs.
  • Why not just use mats?
    Where to begin? 1) Expensive to purchase or rent. 2) Pose a tripping hazard. 3) A maintenance nightmare. 4) Breeding ground for mold, mildew, bacteria, and germs. 5) Not logical to cover your entire floor surface with mats. 6) Unsightly to the eye, and cover up your beautiful floors, etc., etc., etc.
  • We haven't had anyone slip and fall, so why do we need Safety Step?"
    That's great news. But, Safety Step will help you to ensure that it stays that way. All it takes is one wet area, one spill, one rainy day, and a slip and fall is bound to happen... it's usually just a matter of time.

We Provide Non-Slip Flooring Solutions in Cleveland, Ohio

& Surrounding States

We pride ourselves on offering our clients effective and affordable non-slip flooring solutions in Cleveland, Ohio and surrounding states. Feel free to contact us to request a free safety evaluation.


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