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Specialty Coatings & Sealants

In addition to our proprietary Non-Slip Treatment for tiled surfaces (with no change in appearance), we also offer a full line of Non-Slip Coatings and Sealants for use on ANY floor surface.

Our Non-Slip Coatings and Sealants are for use on:


Pavers (brick and stone) 

Painted Surfaces




Any Floor Surface!

1) Safety Step's Non-Slip Sealer is an entirely GREEN crystal clear non-slip solution that creates a beautiful glossy finish. It creates a protective barrier against stains and spills while maintaining the original quality and aesthetics of the underlying surface. Enhanced UV protection. Available in 4 different degrees of traction/coarseness to accommodate your particular floor surface and needs.


2) Safety Step's Super Tough Non-Slip Coating is hard, tough, and has excellent abrasion, chemical, solvent, and stain resistance. Provides outstanding UV and weather protection (water resistant). This clear glossy finish will protect the underlying surface from wear and damage. Ideal for commercial environments.


3) Safety Step's Colorized Non-Slip Sealer & Topcoat is specifically designed to provide a colorized non-slip surface to both indoor and outdoor areas. This eco-friendly/biodegradable all in one product will waterproof surfaces exposed to rain, liquids, oil/grease, and other slippery contaminants while offering enhanced UV protection. This durable coating creates a safe non-slip environment that adds aesthetic value to your property. Available in 10 different colors.

Try Our NON-SLIP Coatings & Sealants!

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