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We Specialize in 

Non-Slip Floor Treatments

Our non-slip floor treatments are the PERFECT Solution to help prevent Slip and Fall Accidents. Are your floors, tubs, or showers slippery when wet?


The time to prevent a dangerous, as well as costly, slip and fall accident is before one occurs!

Safety Step's non-slip floor treatment is the only TRUE answer to slippery when wet!

NO VISIBLE CHANGE in your floors appearance! 






Anti-Slip Floor, Tub, and Shower Treatment in Cleveland, Ohio

and surrounding states

"It's common knowledge that water/liquids on tiled floor surfaces pose a tremendous safety hazard. Safety Step's non-slip treatment is the solution in today's litigious society. Having non-slip floors is no longer optional, it's mandated. Slippery when wet floors are a huge liability that you simply can't ignore. Our non-slip flooring solutions are perfect for hotels, restaurants, fitness centers, office buildings, and more. We offer anti-slip floor treatment in Cleveland, Ohio and surrounding areas. We are here to help with your floor safety compliance!"

- Bill Grand, President/Owner



Contact us today for a FREE EVALUATION of your slip and fall risk.

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